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Boston's Pet Transport

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**We shipped over 2,000 furbabies safely last year!

We hold high standards for your family and your furbabies.

We take all precautions with your loved ones, from
*A live GPS tracker app for our clients
* Pet Care insurance
*Parvo precautions(clean with rescue concentrate and pro vet logic)
* USDA APPROVED plastic kennels
* Updates along the way
*We try to give time estimates for pickup and drop offs but they do vary depending on weather and traffic as we take all safety precautions
*We give a breakfast,lunch,and dinner update with pictures.(if requested we can gladly send more pictures)
*Direct routes are VIP and can be only your furbaby
*Rideshare has other pick ups and drop offs along the way, they are your cheapest and delivery will be between 2-4 days as long as weather and traffic permit.(please note that if we pickup at 1pm and delivery is the next day at 1pm that is a 1 day delivery(24 hours)
24 hours=1 days
*Properly maintained vehicles
*All vehicles have insurance and roadside
*Bottle water and USDA approved pee pads
* Temp controlled vehicles
* We monitor all water and food intake
* We stop every 3 to 4 hours for potty breaks and play
*USDA APPROVED plastic kennels

We are trained in short nose, tiny babies, aggressive,hairless and high drive dogs.

Alot of our routes operate 24/7 minus stops. What this means is we pick-up and drop off 24 hours a day
This allows for your furbabies to get where they need to be and for us to build a route accordingly so it's the cheapest for you. We stop every 3/4 hours for potty breaks and play.
VIP routes can set a time they choose
Drivers may stop and rest anytime for safety if they become sleepy.( All vehicles have generators or power supplies to keep the vans temp controlled)
We monitor and document water/food intake,stress, potty and give each furbaby attention to provide a stress free trip.

We have 4 drivers, ALL have a level 2 BACKGROUND CHECK, Meaning
Due to availability and demand, to make sure that your fur baby can be delivered timely, any one of four of us could be delivering.

We pride ourselves in providing the safest, best quality, and stress-free transports for your animals and loved ones.

We require health certificates (it's the law) and a safety precaution. These are required by all states to cross state lines when transporting.

We require Vet records, it's the laws to have a rabies vaccine to be transported anywhere in the US for any dog or cat 16 weeks or older.

We are a Female owned company, Stevie and Michelle, we pride ourselves in shipping healthy furbabies to their new home.

We are trained on large breeds (we ship alot of police dogs and service animals), high drive,short nose, and tiny fur-babies.(nutri-cal on board) We never let your furbaby sit in their waste until the next stop. We clean them immediately.

We love what we do. We work closely with our breeders and love building our relationship with them as they are like family.

We love our shelters ( we never mix the two) and bulk shipping is offered to help ease some of the over crowded shelters and save lives.

We work closely with over 15 shelters, 100 breeders, or your personal fur babies! ( we never mix animals!)

We also stop every 3-4 hours for walks and play.(No PAWS on the ground for puppies)
Water and treats always offered unless advised not.
Any shape and size kennels (Plastic kennels)

**We offer VIP TRANSPORTS (only YOUR ANIMAL on board,Prices range from $1.25-$2.00 per mile)


We offer ride share transports( cheapest routes)

Please ask any questions or concerns as saftey is our #1!

WHAT WE TRANSPORTS IN:(all our vehicles are up to date on maintenance and have roadside)
*2015 Hyundai Elantra for smaller quite routes (VIP more expensive)
Several different mini vans (less than 10 yrs old)
Several Cargo/ transit vans(less than 10 yrs old)
We have a bus,a mini van, XL Transit van and sometimes we use van rentals as we have a contract with them.

We do no paws on the ground, only on a pee pad for furbabies, we also clean with the vet recommended RESCUE CONCENTRATE. All our kennel are cleaned with bleach and rescue concentrated . Only pee pads and a scent item allow in a kennel. And our vans or cars are cleaned with PRO VET LOGIC.


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