Meet Our Drivers

Each driver has been hand selected to be a part of the Pawzitive Shippers experience. Before each driver is approved, they are interviewed and held to our standard of customer service, verified with a valid driver's license and have passed a background check with different levels of screenings for you and your pets safety. Each driver is highly experienced and committed to providing the best level of transport for your pets. The safety and comfort of your pet is their number one priority and second is the best customer experience possible. Our drivers are fully prepared and know exactly what to do in case of any emergency. They have travelled cross country and in all weather conditions so are very familiar with all four seasons of weather.

Amanda McGee

Heather Yost

JaNa Bickel

Susan Brown

Mary Graham

Kelly Hicks

Hayley Egling

Nathan Morin

Dylan McCain

Lisa Grant

Lauri Partanio

Eric Garrison

Julie Mattox

Seiarrah and Kaleb Simon

Jennyl Bennett

Stevie Smith Finchum Lovelady

Joseph Morgan III

Christina Roulston

Teegan Barton

Keith Hoffman

Donna Hopkins

Kandice Jump